The Importance of Local Government

In the course of running the LGPI, we at the Frontier Centre have learned a few things about where local government fits into the Canadian body politic.

The seminal moment was in December 2009, when we launched the third annual LGPI.

That was the year that Stephen Harper prorogued parliament (and everybody in Canada discovered there was such a word as prorogued).

After the first two editions of the LGPI had attracted very substantial media nationwide coverage, the phone was almost completely silent, off the hook, for the entire 2009 release.

Welcome to LGPI 2.0

Welcome to the Local Government Performance Index 2.0.  In a sense, 2.0 should really be 3.0.  The original LGPI was in paper format, but went to the web in 2010.  

This site is the second iteration of that 2010 effort, with the site having been reformed to reflect feedback from the media, public, and local government practitioners.  

In particular: