Compare All Cities By One Metric

This section allows you to isolate a particular metric and compare all cities in an area on that metric alone. Simply navigate the drop down menus to select the measure, region, and year you’re interested in.

For example, if you want to compare the level of tax in different cities across Alberta in financial year 2010, choose Net taxes, Alberta, and 2010 from the three menus and click Show.

If you wish to compare all metrics for two cities, you can use the second form on the right.


Attention: Some cities included in this Index are part of a two-tier municipality and also receive local services from its upper-tier municipality. The LGPI serves as a useful tool for comparing the finances of one city with another and for keeping governments accountable, but cities operate in varying contexts, and a city's fiscal performance relative to another city cannot necessarily be determined by comparing simple financial metrics.