2019 Financial data for Montreal

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Financial Position

Total (000's) $ Per H/H % Province Avg.
Capital assets 18,288,245 21,672
Financial assets total 8,759,246 10,380
Holdings in council controlled operations n/a
Financial assets other n/a
Long term debt 12,980,955 15,383
Employee future benefit liability 308,651 366
Financial liabilities total 16,758,701 19,859
Financial Assets - Financial Liabilities -7,999,455 -9,479


Total (000's) $ Per H/H % Province Avg.
Developer contributions n/a
Investment income n/a
Other 97,592 116
Net taxes 3,529,631 4,183
Total Grants from other Governments 1,233,622 1,462
Federal grants n/a
Provincial grants n/a
Remitted to second tier local government n/a
User charges 1,812,902 2,148
Total revenue 8,090,466 9,587


Total (000's) $ Per H/H % Province Avg.
Civic corporations n/a
Grants n/a
Recreation and culture 807,605 957
Total social services n/a
Health services 182,698 216
Social and family services n/a
Social housing n/a
Miscellaneous social program related expenditure n/a
General government total 706,143 837
Democracy costs n/a
General government n/a
Total non core expenditure n/a
Environmental services 665,280 788
Planning and development 323,907 384
Public works n/a
Utility operations n/a
Solid-waste disposal n/a
Public safety total 1,123,864 1,332
Fire n/a
Police n/a
Miscellaneous public safety related items n/a
Transit n/a
Transportation n/a
Total of transportation related items 2,885,702 3,420
Depreciation n/a
Total core expenditure n/a
Total expenditure 7,205,852 8,539

Expenditures by Object

Total (000's) $ Per H/H % Province Avg.
Grants n/a
Interest expense n/a
Other n/a
Salaries and benefits n/a
Goods and services total n/a
Contracted services n/a
Goods n/a
Miscellaneous Goods and Services Related Items n/a
Depreciation n/a
Total expenditure by object n/a